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3 to provide students with information on the

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Unformatted text preview: tted diseases. 3. To provide students with information on the psychological aspects of drug use. 4. To provide students with an understanding of the choices between healthy and abusive relationships. 5. To provide students with the knowledge of the consequences of illegal drugs. 6. To enable students to make informed choices about prescription and over-the-counter drugs. 7. To enable students to make alternative choices. 8. To provide information and practice on current techniques of decision making and coping skills. Course Resources Required Materials: Hart., C. L., Ksir, C., & Ray, O. (2009). Drugs, society, and human behavior, 13th edition. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. Course Evaluation There are a total of 330 points possible WebCT Quizzes 18 Quizzes Note: There are no make-up quizzes, no exceptions. 10 points each 180 points Reflection Paper 50 points Midterm examination (Chapters 1-9) 50 points Final Examination (Chapters 10-18) 50 points A letter grade will be assigned in accordance with the total number of points accumulated and will be determined by using the following grade scale. A BA B CB 93 – 100% 88 – 92 % 83 – 87 % 78 – 82 % C DC D E 73 – 77 % 68 – 72 % 60 – 67 % 59 % and below Class Policies eLearning Quizzes: 18 quizzes based on assigned readings will be given online via eLearning. Quizzes will be available at 9pm following class each week. You must complete quizzes prior to the n...
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