Syllabus ADA2250

Accommodations for students with disabilities any

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Unformatted text preview: u will be allowed to make up the examination. Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Any student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, psychiatric, visional, hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact Beth Denhartigh at 387-2116 or at the beginning of the semester wherein a disability determination can be made. Subsequently, class accommodations will be made. Timeliness: You are expected to be in the lecture hall on time. When you arrive late for class you are likely to disturb your peers and the lecturer. This behavior is not only distraction but show a lack of respect. If you cannot make it to class on time please enroll in a different course and/or section with an instructor who does not mind if you are late. Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty: The WMU student handbook clearly defines plagiarism and academic dishonesty and provides a set of consequences for anyone who is found to have engaged in this behavior. If I suspect that you have engaged in this behavior, I will notify you and will immediately refer the case to the Office of Student Conduct. Class Schedule and Assignments Week 1: Thursday, January 13th  Introduction to the class – review of the syllabus  Introduction to eLearning  Drug Use: An Overview Reading Assignment: Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior – Chapter 1 Complete Quiz 1 prior to January 20th at 6:30pm Week 2: Thursday, January 20th  Drug Use as a Social Problem  Drug Products and Their Regulations Reading Assignment: Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior – Chapters 2 & 3 Complete Quizzes 2 and 3 prior to January 27th at 6:30pm Week 3: Thursday, January 27th  The Nervous System  The Actions of Drugs Reading Assignment: Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior – Chapter 4 & 5 Complete Quizzes 4 & 5 prior F...
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