Syllabus ADA2250

You may not make up a missed quiz no exceptions there

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Unformatted text preview: ext week’s class at 6:30pm. You may not make up a missed quiz (no exceptions). There are ten questions on each quiz. The quizzes are timed and to be completed within a twenty minute time frame. NOTE: There is more than one quiz on certain weeks. Be sure to look at the “class schedule and assignments” section of this syllabus. Reflection Paper: Instructions for this assignment will be posted in "Course Assignments" folder of eLearning. A hard copy of your reflection paper is due on Thursday, March 24th by 6:30pm to the lecture hall. NOTE: Late assignments will not be accepted. As such, if you are ill or have a conflict, please arrange for a friend or classmate to submit your assignment for you. Also electronic submission (email attachment) is not acceptable. Examinations: Two examinations are scheduled. They will consist of multiple choice and true/false questions. Questions for the examinations will be drawn from; your readings, class lectures, videotapes, and in-class presentations by guest speakers. Both examinations will be given via eLearning. Both examinations are times and to be completed within a 2 hour time frame. There will be no class on the days of the midterm and final examination. Make Up Policy: As noted, there will be no make up quizzes. If you are unable to take the Midterm or Final examinations during the scheduled time due to a verifiable illness, examination-scheduling conflict, or verifiable emergency, and you contact me in advance, yo...
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