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Soci exam study guide

Soci exam study guide - There are more whites living in...

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There are more whites living in poverty then blacks 69% are white in this country 12% are black in this country Chicago is the most segregated city in the United States Blacks want their neighborhoods to be 50% white and 50% black Whites were asked what they thought about a neighborhood that was 50% black and 50% white. 65% they would feel uncomfortable, 53% said they would move and 73% they would not move in 5 measures of segregation : 1. Unevenness - Index of dissimilarity : % of blacks who would have to move so that the racial makeup of every neighborhood would be the same as the racial makeup of the city 2. Isolations - Isolation index : the % of black neighbors that the average black resident has. - 100 = total segregation; 50 = blacks are equally likely to have black and non black neighbors 3. Clustering - are all black neighborhoods in one area and whites in another? - Grid 4. Centralization - Park’s concentric zone theory: usually the central part of an area is the downtown area (central business district) and people don’t usually live there; just business. Around there are the warehouses and outside of that is the zone in transition. Neighborhoods get nicer as you get further from the central business district. 5. Concentration - how crowded are areas Hyper segregation : if city ranks high in 4 out of 5 in the 5 measures of segregation Restrictive covenants : used to say what ethnicity, race, religion could live in that house and area. Racial steering : blacks and whites shown different properties Red lining : a mortgage lenders refusal to make loans to certain areas of the city or make loans on less favorable terms, based on the racial composition of those areas. White flight : whites moving out of neighborhoods because blacks moved in Block busting : realtors see houses to blacks and tell whites on the street that they should sell their house now because a black family bought a house on the same street and in a couple months their property value will go down.
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Home Owners Loan Corporation 1933 : federal government said to banks that they will insure their loans but only if the banks redline. The banks already did this but the HOLC made it more effective.
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