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Obesity final - English 101 Obesity Obesity in the Unites...

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Obesity Obesity in the Unites States seems to be a lot of the people’s problem. Every year more and more Americans are becoming obese and they don’t know how to stop it. There are many ways to prevent yourself, a relative, even a common person from becoming obese. People are becoming obese without even knowing it. A human’s ability to store fat remains essential to life and can allow a person to survive starvation for several months. However, the amount of energy packed away as fat has been increasing in many populations. When the fat storage approaches a level that compromises a person’s health, we call it obesity. Over the past decade the obesity rates has dramatically been increasing in numbers. Americans are becoming fatter and fatter as the years go by. In 2003-2004, approximately 66% of US adults were overweight or obese (“Weight Watching”, 2007). That is well over half of the US population that is overweight or even worse, obese. By the rate of obese in the US, by 2015 75% of US adults will be overweight and 41% will be obese (“Weight Watching”, 2007). Not only are the adults becoming overweight but the children too. Between 5% and 25% of the US children are obese (“Weight Watching”, 2007). Becoming obese as a child can cause problems for the child as and adult. Some of the symptoms the child might have would be obesity as an adult, it’s the leading cause of pediatric hypertension, and also type II diabetes mellitus, and it increases the risk of coronary heart disease and increases the stress of weight-bearing joints. It can lower ones self-esteem, and can affect relationships with peers. Some authorities say they feel that social and psychological problems are the most significant consequences of obesity in children. Epidemiologic Reviews forecasts that nearly 24% of US children and adolescents will be overweight or obese by 2015, compared to the 16% of today (“Weight Watching”, 2007). 1
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Obesity final - English 101 Obesity Obesity in the Unites...

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