Networking&CommunicationsHW1 - data communications send...

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CS 321 – Homework 1 1. 3 Examples of Clients PC, PDA, Printer 2. Example of a Server Printer 3. Differences Between Terms a. Internet – worldwide web of computers b. Intranet – small network of computers only accessible c. Extranet-usually an internet site with a password 4. Example of Convergence A word Finder in a large Area of information 5. 7 Osi layers 1. Physical 2. Data Link 3. Network 4. Transport 5. Session 6. Presentation 7. Application 6. Difference between Telecommunications and data communications Telecommunications is communication with phone lines and work more with frequencies while
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Unformatted text preview: data communications send a code through wires or the air. 7. Businesses 5 miles apart LAN WAN MAN VAN or PAN? Explain. A WAN Network, It keeps all the resources in the right sized area and is the most appropriate for the task. 8. 3 Protocols and how they’re used 1. HTTP – it is used to send information from computer to computer 2. DHCP-Used to figure out what parameters a computer will need to connect to a network 3. FTP-Used to transfer files over the internet from computer to computer...
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Networking&CommunicationsHW1 - data communications send...

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