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Coli with pglo contains ampr gene bla confers

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Unformatted text preview: ith plasmids can pass them onto bacteria without those plasmids •  Transmission of plasmids •  Transmission of new proper$es pGLO •  Transform E. coli with pGLO •  Contains AmpR gene (bla) Confers ampicillin resistance Cons$tu$ve — always on •  Contains Green Flourescent gene (GFP) Glows green under UV light •  Expression of GFP is controlled by ara operon pGLO ara operon bla AmpR GFP Arabinose Operon •  Ara (arabinose) operon controls synthesis of enzymes that metabolize arabinose •  Arabinose absent araC prevents transcrip$on of arabinose operon •  Arabinose present araC is altered by arabinose, allowing transcrip$on •  Inducible expression Arabinose Operon RNA Polymerase araC araB araA Arabinose Absent No Transcrip$on araD Arabinose Operon RNA Pol...
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