Week 4 - Week 4 Catigories of powers: •...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 4 Catigories of powers: • Delegated/enumerated/expressed powers o Powers specifically given to the government o Do not argue about their ability to have this power (Power to issue money) • Implied powers o based on the delegated powers o Power for federal government to regulate speed limit • Concurrent powers o Powers that the national government and the states can practice at the same time o Income tax- both the national government and state government at the same time. • Reserved powers o Powers left over to the states. o 10 th amendment Judicial Review o the ability of the supreme court to rule the actions of the other branches of the government to be unconstitutional o Not found in the constitution o Supreme Court, duty for life, not elected, o No they do not have the power to enforce their decision. o Relies on the executive branch, and their prestige they have o Supreme court #1, pres #2, others #3 o The constitution states that they don’t say they don’t have the power....
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Week 4 - Week 4 Catigories of powers: •...

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