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Bio lab 2 Observation The observation was of one guy that looked to be nineteen years old and one girl that also looked to be nineteen. The observation took place on the campus quad. In the first couple of minutes of observation, the guys showed signs of closed body language. The boy seemed like he was shy, he wasn’t engaging in the conversation at first. The girl on the other hand had more of an open body language. At first the girl was doing most of the talking. As the conversation went on the guy, eventually started to show signs of open body language and romantic body language.
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Unformatted text preview: The guys at one point moved closer to the girl so that showed signs of romantic body language. When the guy moved closer the girl, the girl seemed like she was a little bit defensive at first. After she evaluation the guy, she eventually looked comfortable of the guy being close to her. As I finished up my observation, the situation between the girl and guy didnt change. At the end it seemed like the girl was showing signs of bored, like playing with the grass and looking around at other people walking by....
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