Seneca - Seneca's Troades Met Seneca with Julio-Claudian...

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Seneca’s Troades Met Seneca with Julio-Claudian line. He was a major political figure in the neronian period. o Nero’s chief minister from 64-52 Born about 1 BC. Dies in 65 AD. Background o Doesn’t come from Roman nobility o Equestrian stock o Emigrated to spain and born in spain, cordoba. o Born into cultivated household. Father’s name is Lucius Annaeus Seneca. Major influence was through writing. Wrote a history of rome and two works on rhetoric. Controversiar Suasoriae Speaking in public was considered extremely important, so rhetorical training was a premium. Entertainment for the political elite. o Father had three sons. Seneca was the second one. o Eldest son and Seneca entered the senate. Rose to a status higher than their father. o During early life, Seneca was attracted to philosophy. Remained a philosopher through his life. o Brand of philosophy Blend of stoicism and… pythagoreanism Vegeratian. Disuaded from continuing by his father. Seneca has a melancholic disposition. Suffered from ill health all his life. Recalls in his letters on several occasions the pain of his condition was so much that he thought of killing himself but didn’t because the pain such an act would cause his father.
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During the 20’s he spent a decade in Egypt with his aunt. o Combat the sickness. o Returned to Rome in 31, survived a shipwreck on the way back Entered the senate by the quaesorship. Before Claudius took the throne he had held Aedileship and tribune of the people During the 30’s he became a literary figure. o Primarily in the philosophical area. o Achieved a reputation as an orator. Incurred the envy of emperor calligula. Managed to survive Callgiula’s reign because his relationship with his sisters. Banished because of alleged affair with Caligula’s sister. Both actually Exiled to Corsica. Lasted 8 years. 41-49. In 48 Claudius lopped off the head of his wife. In 49 Claudius married his niece, the sister of Caligula. Agrippina got him out of exile and brought him back to be Nero’s tutor. o Designated Praetor in 50 AD. 54 Agripina poisons Claudius. Seneca and commander of Praetorian guard run rome on Nero’s behalf until 59 AD when he kills his mother. In 62 Burrus dies and Seneca retires. Sees the writing on the wall. Devotes 62-65 to writing. In 65 Pisonian conspiracy. o His nephew, Lucan, is one of the standard bearers of the conspiracy. o Because of the relationship he is asked to commits suicide. 10 Tragedies ascribed to Seneca o Substantial impact on the renaissance esp. Elizabethan and French tragedy. o Of the 10, 2 are probably not by Seneca. o
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Seneca - Seneca's Troades Met Seneca with Julio-Claudian...

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