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Final Exam Personal Notes

Final Exam Personal Notes - Greeks and the West Final Exam...

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Greeks and the West Final Exam Study Sheet Athenian Tragedy 1. N/A 2. Homicide is significant in every culture because when it occurs between members of a family, a social pact is being destroyed. It is dangerous because it exposes differences in society that can tear it apart. It violates and questions the principles of justice, thus exposing the status differences between different groups of people. In general, males are more powerful than females, the old hold more power than the young, and free citizens hold higher status than non-citizens and slaves. 3. Obvious answer. Athens Under Pericles 1. Themistocles advocated the building of the Athenian fleet and allowed the poorest Athenians to row the ships, making them feel as if they played a role in the victory. This increased their political influence by making them an indispensible part of the Athenian sea-machine. Ephialtes gutted the Aeropagus of almost all powers except the right to try homicide cases. He waited until over 4,000 Athenian hoplites were out of the city so he could win the vote. Ephialtes set up what would become the Athenian democracy. 2. Pericles greatest asset might have been that he understood the common man. He set up a minimum wage program for workers, allowing them to get a daily wage for serving on a jury, and providing an annual income to sit on the council of 500. They allowed for the poor people to enter these offices and thus allow their voices to be heard. Citizens were led to believe then that they were all equal and could make Athens a paragon for the rest of the Aegean city-states. Create a new society where all are equal. A democracy. 3. A person and only a person can determine what is true and not. A person is the measuring stick for all things. He encouraged citizens to look inside themselves, find truth through reasoning and logic, and then through conflict, the correct course of action can be found. Each individuals reality might be true, however, to be determined it must be tested. Geometric notions are theoretical constructs. Relativism and skepticism about the Gods. 4. Pericles’ first task is to define Athens and Athenians. Athens is a model for other states. Pericles tells the families that the men died for an amazing state. These citizens made up the state. Citizens are worth more than the individual, thus we honor the citizen. Mothers, be glad your sons were complete citizens. Pericles is a transactional and a transformational leader. He has a vision of a democratic Athens and wants to change Athenian identity, which makes him transformational. a. We are a paradigm
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b. We call ourselves a democracy c. Equality under the Law d. Disregard poverty as an obstacle. e. Judge political service by ability alone f. We fear and respect our laws.
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Final Exam Personal Notes - Greeks and the West Final Exam...

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