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Comm203-3rd Semester - Comm-203 Class Notes November 12th...

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Comm-203 Class Notes November 12 th 2007 Advertising Video – Sell and Spin The History of Advertising Derived from Advertisen meaning to notify. Advertising is a way to get a person’s subconscious to delight their eyeballs and create desire. Each day the average person is exposed to upwards 3000 ads. Second most recognized word in the world is coca-cola. Companies are doing the same things as religion. Moving things through culture, promising pleasure and acceptance in this world. Very powerful. Marlboro man is considered most successful and reviled man in advertising history. Marlboro’s were first targeted to women. Redesigned and repackaged for men. o Marlboro man was an escape from reality. A promise of flavor. One of the biggest product failures was car thing. Edsul. o Many good features, good advertisement, but bad looks killed the product. Ads from 1 st century have been found in Pompeii. Criers, walking, talking, advertisements. Heralded arrival of ships and goods. By the middle ages a merchant class emerged. People remained illiterate. Guttenberg press had an enormous effect on advertising. o Created printing revolution o The more people became literate, the more need there was for advertising. o First advertising was for books. o First advertisement in 1480. First advertising code. Could remain posted for two weeks. Average consumer has come to expect advertisement in any media he or she looks to. Newspapers first appeared in 17 th century without ads.
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In 1625, the first known newspaper ad appeared in England. Newspapers would be the first conquered medium for advertising. Benjamin franklin published the Pennsylvania gazette. Used pictures to catch the eye of the consumer. By the 18 th century most newspapers relied on advertisements for money. o Advertisers would repeat things over and over again. Advertising Agency was born. o J Walter Thompson, etc can trace back to the start. Magazines opened pages to advertisers in the post civil war era. o Provided national audience. o Ladies home Journal quickly searched for advertising. o Created as a vehicle for advertising. o Idea is to not attract individuals to buy it but to make them want a particular product. Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. o Mixture of roots, herbs, and alcohol. o Branded with image of her that sold confidence to the users. o Stopped sales and product didn’t sell. Advertised again then sold lots. By the late 19 th century people could convert classic things into trademarks. o NABISCO turned to Ayer Agency to place and create ads. o Writing, copy, producing illustrations. o Employed tricks to popularize brand. Uneeda brand. o
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Comm203-3rd Semester - Comm-203 Class Notes November 12th...

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