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Midterm Study Sheet - Midterm Study Sheet 1. After the...

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Midterm Study Sheet 1. After the collapse of the late Bronze-Age palace states, the Greeks went back to rank societies. Today this is called a systems collapse. The average size for a post bronze-age community was a couple hundred citizens, while larger states like Athens maintained populations in the few thousands. Modes of production were trading and raiding. They would trade with people and steal cattle and other forms of wealth. Wealth was generally very low during this time. The social stratification during this time practically disappeared and people were led by big-men leaders or Pasiteu leaders who were left after the systems collapse. Successful types of settlements because they got rid of the old social stratification systems that hindered development and technological progression. We see the Iron Age coming during the dark age. 2. Were in contact with the East. Iron working skill most likely came to Greece through Cyprus and the Cypriatic Greeks 3. The graves at Lefkandi show us that leaders of Dark Age communities were very important. In the Lefkandi graves we see that leaders, or at least the wealthy elite were able to enjoy many of the finer things in life, including weapons and armor in a 50 foot house. Leaders who were worthy of honor received great recognition upon death and feasts and stories would be told about them for generations to come. This explains the presence of the large house on the site of the Lefkandi graves. 4. The emergence of this kind of society was important because it allowed a fresh start for all the people. People were no longer under the rule of kings and there were no longer strict laws governing the people’s daily actions. Instead they were free to do what they wished, for the most part. The two qualities I would say that were the most important for future Western culture were the freedoms that allowed for new ideas and innovations to occur and the capability of hero-making among the people of Greece. The Early Greek State 1. Towns began to converge with one another for safety and economic reasons. Warfare and land gains were possible motives because during this time the number of citizens in the small villages were starting to grow too large for the plots of land and were starting to look for other thus warfare broke out. 2. Land was extremely important to these new communities because citizenship was based on the ownership of land. Thus when population grew fewer people had land and in turn could not be citizens. Religious worship included the erecting of shrines to gods and goddesses cults included close ancestral worship. 3. As the city states began to emerge each of the smaller villages comprising the city state had big men leaders. When they came together leadership was decided basically on wealth and power. Political style was an oligarchy. The few ruled over the many.
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Midterm Study Sheet - Midterm Study Sheet 1. After the...

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