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Greek Essay - into the Macedonian people b Create a new...

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Greek Final Exam Review The last of the Ptolemies was the famous Cleopatra 7 th . She is playing out a script that has existed in her family for many generations. o Love, death, and power. Essay Topics 1. Tragic playwright Sophocles. a. Antigone i. Can man made law go too far in its legislation attempts? ii. Can the law become a tyrant like creon? b. Aristophanes i. Sophists and their rhetoric is ruinous. 1. Introducing new values 2. Setting the younger generation against the older. 3. Enlightened men like Socrates are really buffoons who are confusing rather than enlightening. c. Socrates major problem with the democracy i. It was an unhealthy environment for the soul. 1. Encourages contradiction and irrational. 2. Arouses the worst parts of the soul, especially strong emotions. d. Plato i. The allegory of the cave. 1. Chained prisoners are the Athenian citizens. 2. The one rare citizen that breaks out of the cave is thought of as a madman. 2. 3. Did Alexander have a vision?
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a. He seemed towards the end of his reign to have an idea of how to integrate Persians
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Unformatted text preview: into the Macedonian people b. Create a new race of Persians who are educated and trained as Greeks as well. c. Seems to have a notion that we need a new higher order culture to emerge. d. Married princess Roxanne in the wilds of Uzbekistan. i. Chose a wife to produce an heir. e. Contrary evidence. i. How well did he know his own Macedonian soldiers? 1. Not only did he push them and push them but they also seemed to have rebelled against him. ii. Not thought far enough ahead to see the problems this might bring. iii. Doesn’t seem to have wanted to produce an heir at the beginning of his conquests. (Should have done) f. What kind of leader was he? i. Merely transactional, but also transformational. ii. Was he a moral leader? 4. Compare three of these four developments. a. Alexander’s empire b. Alexandria c. Philosophies of the Diongenies (Cynics) and Zeno (Stoics) 5....
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Greek Essay - into the Macedonian people b Create a new...

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