Residential Purchase Agreement

20 equal housing opportunity the property is sold in

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Unformatted text preview: ction shall be provided to the MLS to be published and disseminated to persons and entities authorized to use the information on terms approved by the MLS. 20. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY: The Property is sold in compliance with federal, state and local anti-discrimination Laws. 21. ATTORNEY FEES: In any action, proceeding, or arbitration between Buyer and Seller arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing Buyer or Seller shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs from the non-prevailing Buyer or Seller, except as provided in paragraph 26A. 22. DEFINITIONS: As used in this Agreement: A. "Acceptance" means the time the offer or final counter offer is accepted in writing by a party and is delivered to and personally received by the other party or that party's authorized agent in accordance with the terms of this offer or a final counter offer. B. "C.A.R. Form" means the specific form referenced or another comparable form agreed to by the parties. C. "Close...
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