Residential Purchase Agreement

5 all items included shall be transferred free of

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Unformatted text preview: r represents that all items included in the purchase price, unless otherwise specified, are owned by Seller. (5) All items included shall be transferred free of liens and without Seller warranty. C. ITEMS EXCLUDED FROM SALE: Unless otherwise specified, audio and video components (such as flat screen TVs and speakers) are excluded if any such item is not itself attached to the Property, even if a bracket or other mechanism attached to the component is attached to the Property; and . Buyer's Initials ( )( ) Copyright © 1991-2010, CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, INC. Seller's Initials ( Reviewed by )( ) Date RPA-CA REVISED 4/10 (PAGE 3 OF 8) CALIFORNIA RESIDENTIAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT (RPA-CA PAGE 3 OF 8) Blank Documents - Test Form Only Property Address: Date: 9. CONDITION OF PROPERTY: Unless otherwise agreed: (i) the Property is sold (a) in its PRESENT physical ("as-is") condition as of the date of Acceptance and (b) subject to Buyer’s Investigation rights; (ii) the Property, including pool, spa, landscaping and grounds, is to be maintained in substantially the same condition as on the date of Acceptance; a...
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