Residential Purchase Agreement

Ar form which the property is offered for sale or a

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Unformatted text preview: PENSATION: Listing Broker agrees to pay Cooperating Broker (Selling Firm) and Cooperating Broker agrees to accept, out of Listing Broker’s proceeds in escrow: (i) the amount specified in the MLS, provided Cooperating Broker is a Participant of the MLS in (if checked) the amount specified in a separate written agreement (C.A.R. Form which the Property is offered for sale or a reciprocal MLS; or (ii) CBC) between Listing Broker and Cooperating Broker. Declaration of License and Tax (C.A.R. Form DLT) may be used to document that tax reporting will be required or that an exemption exits. Real Estate Broker (Selling Firm) DRE Lic. # By DRE Lic. # Date Address City Zip State Telephone Fax E-mail Real Estate Broker (Listing Firm) By Address Telephone DRE Lic. # City Fax DRE Lic. # Date State Zip E-mail ESCROW HOLDER ACKNOWLEDGMENT: ), Escrow Holder acknowledges receipt of a Copy of this Agreement, (if checked, a deposit in the amount of $ counter offer numbered , Seller's Statement of Information and Other , and agrees to act as Escrow Holder subject to paragraph 24 of this Agreement, any supplemental escrow instructions and the t...
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