Residential Purchase Agreement

Buyers obligations under this paragraph shall survive

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Unformatted text preview: g a "Notice of Non-responsibility" (C.A.R. Form NNR) for Buyer Investigations and work done on the Property at Buyer's direction. Buyer's obligations under this paragraph shall survive the termination or cancellation of this Agreement and Close of Escrow. 11. SELLER DISCLOSURES; ADDENDA; ADVISORIES; OTHER TERMS: A. Seller Disclosures (if checked): Seller shall, within the time specified in paragraph 14A, complete and provide Buyer with a: Seller Property Questionnaire (C.A.R. Form SPQ) Supplemental Contractual and Statutory Disclosure (C.A.R. Form SSD) Addendum # (C.A.R. Form ADM) B. Addenda (if checked): Wood Destroying Pest Inspection and Allocation of Cost Addendum (C.A.R. Form WPA) Purchase Agreement Addendum (C.A.R Form PAA) Short Sale Addendum (C.A.R. Form SSA) C. Advisories (if checked): Probate Advisory (C.A.R. Form PAK) Trust Advisory (C.A.R. Form TA) OR Septic, Well and Property Monument Addendum (C.A.R. Form SWPI) Other Buyer's Inspection Advisory (C.A.R. Form BIA) Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory (C.A.R. Form SBSA) REO Advisory (C.A.R. Form REO) D. Other Terms: 12. TITLE AND VESTING: A. Within the time spec...
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