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Residential Purchase Agreement

Expiration of offer this offer shall be deemed

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Unformatted text preview: riting Signed by Buyer and Seller. Buyer's Initials ( )( ) Copyright © 1991-2010, CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, INC. RPA-CA REVISED 4/10 (PAGE 7 OF 8) Seller's Initials ( Reviewed by )( ) Date CALIFORNIA RESIDENTIAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT (RPA-CA PAGE 7 OF 8) Blank Documents - Test Form Only Property Address: Date: 29. EXPIRATION OF OFFER: This offer shall be deemed revoked and the deposit shall be returned unless the offer is Signed by Seller and a Copy of the Signed offer is personally received by Buyer, or by , who is authorized to receive it, by 5:00 PM on the third Day after this offer is signed by Buyer (or, if checked, by AM PM, on (date)). Buyer has read and acknowledges receipt of a Copy of the offer and agrees to the above confirmation of agency relationships. Date Date BUYER BUYER (Print name) (Print name) (Address) Additional Signature Addendum attached (C.A.R. Form ASA). 30. ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER: Seller warrants that Seller is the owner of the Property, or has the authority to execute this Agreement. Seller accept...
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