Residential Purchase Agreement

For more information on these items you may consult

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Unformatted text preview: ad contamination, radon, methane, other gases, fuel oil or chemical storage tanks, contaminated soil or water, hazardous waste, waste disposal sites, electromagnetic fields, nuclear sources, and other substances, materials, products, or conditions (including mold (airborne, toxic or otherwise), fungus or similar contaminants). (For more information on these items, you may consult an appropriate professional or read the booklets “Environmental Hazards: A Guide for Homeowners, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants,” “Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home” or both.) 10. EARTHQUAKES AND FLOODING: Susceptibility of the Property to earthquake/seismic hazards and propensity of the Property to flood. (A Geologist or Geotechnical Engineer is best suited to provide information on these conditions.) 11. FIRE, HAZARD AND OTHER INSURANCE: The availability and cost of necessary or desired insurance may vary. The location of the Property in a seismic, flood or fire hazard zone, and other conditions, such as the age of the Property and the cl...
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