Residential Purchase Agreement

However a subsequent or amended disclosure shall not

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Unformatted text preview: l promptly provide a subsequent or amended disclosure or notice, in writing, covering those items. However, a subsequent or amended disclosure shall not be required for conditions and material inaccuracies of which Buyer is otherwise aware, or which are disclosed in reports provided to or obtained by Buyer or ordered and paid for by Buyer. (4) If any disclosure or notice specified in 6A(1), or subsequent or amended disclosure or notice is Delivered to Buyer after the offer is Signed, Buyer shall have the right to cancel this Agreement within 3 Days After Delivery in person, or 5 Days After Delivery by deposit in the mail, by giving written notice of cancellation to Seller or Seller's agent. (5) Note to Buyer and Seller: Waiver of Statutory and Lead Disclosures is prohibited by Law. B. NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Within the time specified in paragraph 14A, Seller shall, if required by Law: (i) Deliver to Buyer earthquake guides (and questionnaire) and environmental hazards booklet; (ii) even if exempt from the obligation to provide a NHD, disclose if the Property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area; Potential Flooding (Inundation) Area; Very High Fire Hazard Zone; State Fire Responsibility Area; Earthquake Fault Zone; Seismic Hazard Zone; and (iii) disc...
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