Residential Purchase Agreement

If checked verification attached h loan terms 1 loan

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Unformatted text preview: ayment and closing costs. (If checked, verification attached.) H. LOAN TERMS: (1) LOAN APPLICATIONS: Within 7 (or ) Days After Acceptance, Buyer shall Deliver to Seller a letter from lender or loan broker stating that, based on a review of Buyer's written application and credit report, Buyer is prequalified or preapproved for any NEW loan specified in 3C above. (If checked, letter attached.) (2) LOAN CONTINGENCY: Buyer shall act diligently and in good faith to obtain the designated loan(s). Obtaining the loan(s) specified above is a contingency of this Agreement unless otherwise agreed in writing. Buyer's contractual obligations to obtain and provide deposit, balance of down payment and closing costs are not contingencies of this Agreement. (3) LOAN CONTINGENCY REMOVAL: (i) Within 17 (or ) Days After Acceptance, Buyer shall, as specified in paragraph 14, in writing remove the loan contingency or cancel this Agreement; OR (ii) (if checked) the loan contingency shall remain in effect until the des...
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