Residential Purchase Agreement

If checked verification attached k buyer stated

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Unformatted text preview: o close this transaction. (If checked, verification attached.) K. BUYER STATED FINANCING: Seller has relied on Buyer's representation of the type of financing specified (including but not limited to, as applicable, amount of down payment, contingent or non contingent loan, or all cash). If Buyer seeks alternate financing, (i) Seller has no obligation to cooperate with Buyer's efforts to obtain such financing, and (ii) Buyer shall also pursue the financing method specified in this Agreement. Buyer's failure to secure alternate financing does not excuse Buyer from the obligation to purchase the Property and close escrow as specified in this Agreement. 4. ALLOCATION OF COSTS (If checked): Unless otherwise specified in writing, this paragraph only determines who is to pay for the inspection, test or service ("Report") mentioned; it does not determine who is to pay for any work recommended or identified in the Report. A. INSPECTIONS AND REPORTS: (1) Buyer Seller shall pay for an inspection and report for wood destroying pests and organisms ("Wood Pest Report") prepared by...
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