Residential Purchase Agreement

Or ii if checked tenant to remain in possession car

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Unformatted text preview: ble Law, you may be in breach of this Agreement. OR (ii) (if checked) Tenant to remain in possession. (C.A.R. Form PAA, paragraph 3) D. At Close Of Escrow, (i) Seller assigns to Buyer any assignable warranty rights for items included in the sale, and (ii) Seller shall Deliver to Buyer available Copies of warranties. Brokers cannot and will not determine the assignability of any warranties. E. At Close Of Escrow, unless otherwise agreed in writing, Seller shall provide keys and/or means to operate all locks, mailboxes, security systems, alarms and garage door openers. If Property is a condominium or located in a common interest subdivision, Buyer may be required to pay a deposit to the Homeowners' Association ("HOA") to obtain keys to accessible HOA facilities. 6. STATUTORY DISCLOSURES (INCLUDING LEAD-BASED PAINT HAZARD DISCLOSURES) AND CANCELLATION RIGHTS: A. (1) Seller shall, within the time specified in paragraph 14A, Deliver to Buyer, if required by Law: (i) Federal Lead-Based Paint Disclosures (C.A.R. Form FLD) and pamphlet ("Lead Disclosures&q...
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