Residential Purchase Agreement

Seller has 7 or days after acceptance to disclose to

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Unformatted text preview: d. Brokers do not have expertise in this area.) 7. CONDOMINIUM/PLANNED DEVELOPMENT DISCLOSURES: A. SELLER HAS: 7 (or ) Days After Acceptance to disclose to Buyer whether the Property is a condominium, or is located in a planned development or other common interest subdivision (C.A.R. Form SPQ or SSD). B. If the Property is a condominium or is located in a planned development or other common interest subdivision, Seller has 3 (or ) Days After Acceptance to request from the HOA (C.A.R. Form HOA): (i) Copies of any documents required by Law; (ii) disclosure of any pending or anticipated claim or litigation by or against the HOA; (iii) a statement containing the location and number of designated parking and storage spaces; (iv) Copies of the most recent 12 months of HOA minutes for regular and special meetings; and (v) the names and contact information of all HOAs governing the Property (collectively, "CI Disclosures"). Seller shall itemize and Deliver to Buyer all CI Disclosures received from the HOA and any CI Disclosures in Seller's possess...
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