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Unformatted text preview: 24 V. This implies that the supply voltage is also equal to 124V. VCube/Cord = 114 V, VCube/Cord = 111 V, VCar = 110 V, RCar= VCar/I = 110V / 12A = 9.167 Ω To find RCable, we can focus on the small portion of the circuit and apply Ohm’s Law: VCord/Cable = I x (RCable + RCar + RCable) = I x (2RCable + RCar) 111 V = 12A x (2RCable + 9.167) RCable = 0.0415 Ω To find RCord, same methodology as above can be applied: VCube/Cord = I x (2RCord + 2RCable + RCar) = I x 2RCord + I x (2RCable + RCar) = I x...
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