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6 awirelengthl10m wirecrosssectionalarea2mm22x106m2

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Unformatted text preview: with 10V source is P10V = I1 * V = (0.5263 A) * (10V) = 5.263 W. Power is being delivered to the 10V source since the value of P10V is positive. (The 15V source is actually the one supplying the power to the circuit) 5. 6. a) Wire length L = 10 m Wire cross‐sectional area = 2mm2 = 2 x 10‐6 m2 Resistivity ρ = 1.72 x 10‐8 (Ω m) RCord = ρ x = (1.72 x 10‐8) x = 0.086 Ω b) RCube RCord RCable Supply RCar RCube RCord RCable c) When there’s no current flowing, the measured voltage on the line is 1...
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