test_1 - CHEM 112 REVIEW FOR TEST 1 Spring 2008 The first...

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CHEM 112 - REVIEW FOR TEST 1 Spring 2008 The first semester of Principles of Chemistry, i.e. Chem 111, is primarily concerned with the structure of matter. Chemists have an idea of what the elementary particles that make up substances are like. The electronic structure of an atom determines whether it will bond to other atoms in ionic or covalent interactions thereby determining whether the substance is ionic or molecular. Furthermore, molecular substances can be classified as polar or non-polar depending on whether or not the electrons in the molecule are uniformly distributed about the nuclei of the atoms in the molecule and whether the nuclear arrangement is symmetrical or not. It is necessary to be able to classify substances into the categories ionic or molecular and in the case of molecular further subdivide into polar and non-polar. Finally we subdivide polar molecular substances into those that are capable of forming Hydrogen bonds and those which are not. Chapter 11 provides you with the rationale(s) that you need to do this. They do not work perfectly, but in general they are useful. Understand the relationship between the strength of the interparticle forces which can exist between fundamental particles of a substance and the boiling and melting points of that substance Chapter 12 concerns solutions. It seems logical that the fundamental nature of a substance will determine its solute properties in water. We classify substances with regard to their solvent behavior in water as soluble or insoluble. Soluble substances are further classified as electrolytes or non-electrolytes.
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test_1 - CHEM 112 REVIEW FOR TEST 1 Spring 2008 The first...

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