outlineeeee - 2 Hot weather could actually cause cold...

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-1Topic: Falsifying Global Warming Preview- Is the change of our climate something that we should fear or do we even need to worry about it? Thesis- Weather is a frightening and serious topic in the world. The weather that effects today is causing a worldwide uproar that is bringing big change. Looking at recent patterns of the past though is it safe to say global warming is naturally occurring? Could it be the these scientific theories were made up as a liberal propaganda to scare people. Carefully look at the facts and what has happened because only past can truly reveal what could happen in the future. Main Point #1- Today’s Weather A. Temperature Increases 0.006 Annually B. Causing more rainfall that melts ice C. Melted Ice equals more fresh Water D. Fresh water means slowing of Meridional overturning Circulation Main Point #2- Past Weather A. Recent Mini Ice age 8200 years ago 1. Young Dryas period B. Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold 1. Constant fluctuation of ice ages to stable periods
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Hot weather could actually cause cold weather C. 1972 Newsweek article 1. In 1972 cooling on earth was feared 2. Similar to that of global warming yet opposite Main Point #3- Man Made or ManMade A. In 2005 Al Gore made inconvenient truth 1. Political Propaganda 2. Claims water levels will rise 35 inches in 100 years 3. Increased storm activity 4. Loss of polar ice caps 5. Caused by humans used of greenhouse gasses B. False or misleading facts from the movie 1. Polar Bear extinction 2. Mass homeless people in 100 years 3. Temperature rise in last 10 years 4. Increased Rainfall 5. Disease Conclusion: The warming of the earth is inevitable and really can’t be stopped no matter what we try. As shown from the past the earth will take its cycles of up’s and down’s and hopefully we will all survive. The best thing we can do is just prepare for the worst and live for the best....
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outlineeeee - 2 Hot weather could actually cause cold...

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