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Informative Speech 2 - Stephen McElroy CMST 2060 October...

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Stephen McElroy CMST 2060 October 31, 2007 AGD: This past summer, a phenominon was created. When Michael Bay’s Transformers hit theatre, I knew it would be a good movie, but I didn’t expect it to be one of the best movies I’d seen in recent years. And that claim is supported by the amount of money the movie grossed while in theatres, a staggering 398.6 million dollars worldwide, and was the highest grossing non-sequal movie opening ever, passing Spiderman and The Passion of the Christ. I won’t ruin the movie for you if you haven’t seen it, but in this mega-blockbuster hit, you discover that the good Transformers (aka the Autobots) came to Earth to recover what they call the “all-spark”, some type of alien cube capable of restoring the Transformers destroyed planet, and to bring order back to their race by defeating the opposing group of Transformers, the Decepticons, and their leader Megatron, who was initially responsible for destroying their planet in the first place. Link-Topic: Much like in the movie, we have our own Megatron, and it’s trying to destroy our planet. Of course, I’m not talking about a 5 story transforming robot, but rather pollution and greenhouse gases. Link-Audience/Ethos Moment: But something that the Autobots and you have in common is that, according to a study done by the EPA in 2001, driving is the single most pollutant thing that most of us will do. Significance Statement: Such pollutants have been linked to global warming and directly responsible for raising temperatures and harming the ozone layer. Thesis: So how can we stop these diabolical villians? Well, we don’t have an all-spark, but we what we do have is the ability to use cleaner fuels, such as hydrogen. Preview: Today, we’ll first go over the how hydrogen fuel could be applied as a cleaner fuel source, then implications of hydrogen fuel on the Earth and society, and finally the complications of switching to hydrogen fuel. Main Point 1: Hydrogen fuel is a source a source of energy cleaner than surrent petroleum products. Internal Preview: We can see this, first, by examining the affects of petroleum products on the planet, and
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Informative Speech 2 - Stephen McElroy CMST 2060 October...

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