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Persuasive speech - Stephen McElroy CMST 2060 28 November...

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Stephen McElroy CMST 2060 28 November 2007 AGD When the world has a problem, you can always count on news organizations to report on it, telling everyone in great detail just what is going on. Afterwards, you can always count on South Park to make fun it. Whether the show does it by having a fourth grade boy ask what a priest would want to stick in his butt or by showing an episode in which terrorist bomb our imaginations, the show has a knack of addressing concerns in a humorous way. Such was the case with the episode entitled “The End of the World…of Warcraft”. Link to Topic Now this episode wasn’t making fun of priest or terrorist, but nonetheless touched on a real problem, video game addiction. Link to Audience Some of you might be thinking that this has nothing to do with you, but who in here doesn’t at some point play a video game, rather it be on an XBOX 360, a PS3, on the internet or even just on your phone while you’re waiting somewhere. Ethos Moment In an article from London’s Sunday Telegraph of April 22, 2007, the video game industry is booming, now raking in the profits needed to rival the film and porn industries, and even receiving tax breaks in certain countries like France and South Korea. Significance Statement What this means, is that video games have become a big part of our society, and can be hard to get away from. Thesis Like most things out there meant for fun and entertainment, it’s not hard to begin abusing video games and to eventually become addicted. Preview First, we’ll touch on the problems of video game addiction, then we’ll examine the reasons why people become addict to video games, and finally, take a look at what we can do to fix this growing problem. Main Point 1 Video game addiction is a real problem just like alcoholism or gambling addiction. Internal Preview First, we’ll look at why video game addiction is a problem worth discussing, and second, we’ll see what the medical world has to say about the topic. Subpoint 1 Video game addiction is as bad as any other type of harmful addictions.
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Supporing Evidence According to a study done by the American Medical Association in June 2007, video game addiction has many of the same symptoms of alcoholism and other forms of addictions, such as forgoing other activities
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Persuasive speech - Stephen McElroy CMST 2060 28 November...

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