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Ethics Lab Question 1: If I had noticed that the chairs or tables were still blocking the fire exit for the second time I would once first contact the restaurant manager and ask why they had not been moved yet. If this doesn’t resolve the problem I would go to the proper authorities and file a complaint. I would contact the fire inspection agency and the fire department and notify them that they need to make it clear to the restaurant that the chairs must be moved immediately. Question 2: If I had this disagreement with my boss I would remind him that even though the manufacturers may ask for more anchor bolts in a truss than needed, it is always a necessity to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. I would tell him that if the structure were to fail because of not using enough anchor bolts that he would be at fault. If anyone were injured he would be at fault because of not following the manufacturer’s precise instructions. I would inform my coworkers that even though the boss is telling us to use less anchor bolts it would be a
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Unformatted text preview: good idea if we used the recommended amount. Question 3: One ethical decision that I had to make recently involved drinking and driving. A friend of mine had been drinking heavily and decided that he was ready to drive himself home. He lived all the way across town and it would have been very risky and dangerous if he would have drove home. Me and a buddy tried convincing our friend that he was in no condition to drive and that he should stay the night and leave when he was sober. Though my buddy and I made a good effort to convince our friend not to drive, he wasn’t having it and he through a fit. I made and ethical decision and took his keys from him and hid them. Our drunk friend ended up passing out until morning and when he awoke we explained to him what happened the night before. He thanked us for our actions and told us that we did the right thing....
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