Desktop vs. Laptop - Desktop vs Laptop In the past few...

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Desktop vs. Laptop In the past few decades, technology has been increasing at an exponential rate. Every electronic device becomes more advanced as each year passes. One of the most fascinating pieces of technology is the computer. There are two different types of computers. There is the common desktop computer, which sits on a desk, is big and bulky, and usually stays put for its entire lifetime. Then, there is the laptop. The laptop is a small, one- piece computer that folds in half, and is portable. There are pros and cons with both desktops and laptops, but they both play an important role in today’s society. The desktop computer was the first to hit the consumer market in the early 90s. This very simple type of PC made life easier for millions of people. Documents could now be typed and edited on a screen, instead of using a typewriter. Along with the desktop computer, people were introduced to the internet, and email. This allowed people with an internet connection to browse the web, and find any type of information they needed. Email made it easier to keep in touch with others, and it allowed for information to be transferred within seconds. The laptop was introduced in the later 90s. It gave people access to all of the same information that the desktop provided, but it could be taken anywhere. The laptop
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computer gave people the opportunity to save documents, and access them electronically, wherever they went. Unlike the big and bulky desktop PC, the laptop could run on power from the wall or on battery power. Since batteries on early laptops died fairly quickly, people had
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Desktop vs. Laptop - Desktop vs Laptop In the past few...

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