GR - The Best Year of My Life It was the middle of my...

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The Best Year of My Life It was the middle of my eighth grade year, and my mother told me she had some important news. She sat me down and explained that she was being promoted. She also informed me that her promotion required her and her family to be relocated to a different city and state. At first the news saddened me as I realized that I may never see any of my friends again. The new town that my mother would be working in was Grand Rapids, MI. It was about a 3 ½ hour trip from Toledo, which was our current place of residence. My mother knew that I would be upset if I had to move during the middle of the school year. Because of this, she told me that I could stay in Toledo with my grandparents and finish out the rest of the year. I would then move up to Grand Rapids at the beginning of the summer and begin to settle into my new environment. Upon arrival, I noticed that the new town was very nice, but I didn’t know a single soul, and I was very lonely. For the first month or so I was constantly bored, and I missed home. Even though I felt scared and alone in my new environment, moving to Grand Rapids ended up being one of the most fun and exciting times of my childhood. As I finished my schooling down in Toledo, my mother was already working up in Grand Rapids and searching for places to live. She didn’t want to buy a house right away so she was placed in a temporary townhouse in a bordering city called Grandville. Grandville was the actual city that I lived in, and it was approximately fifteen minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. About a mile from our new townhouse was Grandville High School. This was the high school that I would be attending for my freshman year. The first site of my new school made me very nervous, but also eager to start school and begin making friends. The school was just built, and it looked monstrous to me. It was two stories tall and held twenty-five hundred students. It was a beautiful school and I couldn’t wait for the first day to start.
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When I first arrived in Grandville I didn’t quite know how to pass my time. It was the
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GR - The Best Year of My Life It was the middle of my...

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