The Big Game

The Big Game - The Big Game Ever since I was little boy I...

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The Big Game Ever since I was little boy I always loved the Detroit Red Wings. I always tried watching every game that was on television. I admired every one of the Red Wing players, and wanted to grow up to be just like them. My childhood idol was Steve Yzerman. He was their Captain up until he retired a few years ago. Watching them on television was always exciting, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted to see them play in real life. On my tenth birthday my wishes came true and I got to Joe Louis Arena to see them with my own eyes. I remember it being the most incredible experience I had ever had. Everyone else who was there seemed to be having the time of their lives also. I believe attending a Red Wings game lifts the spirits of everyone in the crowd. I have gone to many more Red Wings games since my tenth birthday, but just recently I went to one and observed everything that was around me. On the car ride up to Detroit I noticed that some of the cars we passed had people wearing Red Wing jerseys in them. I knew that they were most likely going to the game too so every time my friends and I saw another group of fans we would honk and wave as we passed. I’ve always felt that there is a special bond between fans that root for the same team even though they are complete strangers. As we arrived in Detroit I
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witnessed tons of fans in red and white heading towards the arena. Some were old and some were young but they all seemed to have the same big smile on their faces. I saw hundreds of cars all looking for the best parking spot.
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The Big Game - The Big Game Ever since I was little boy I...

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