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Luciferase - enzyme w/ bioluminescent that is used as a marker to track thing GFP - green floresecent protein marker Deoxy glucose (2DG) - protein synthesis to glucose; Used as a radio label or marker, cell takes up as glucose but not able to be metabolized/broken down. C-fos - marker of cell activity Tetrodotoxin (TTX) - action potential blocker Cyclohexaminde (CHX) - protein synthesis inhibitor Melatonin- hormone found in pineal gland TFG-α- neuropeptide that disrupts output signal of SCN, but not clock itself Changing media (with fibroblasts): resets the clock Organism + Clock Gene - Clock Gene ? Gene Cyanobacteria (synechococus) kai A,B,C Neurospora wc1,2 frq Drosophila Per, tim Rodent Per, tim Rat tau Mammals Clock per IGL –nucleus projecting to the SCN (non-photic cue) RHT (Retinol hypothdime tract) GnRH Rhodopsin- rode photopigment Melanopsin- movel photopigment What predict response to temp. pulse? (5) Successful transplant (4) Diffusible signal should be (5) Classic Experiments 1) Cyanobacterial growth with different period and different circadian time. Result: FRP closest to circadian time will survive So?- Show relationship between internal and external clock -show importance of internal clock Result: w/ TTX arrhythmic Stop TTX rhythm returns So? TTX affect hands; no affect on SCN 3) CHX affect on SCN Result: CHX reset the rhythm So? CHX stops the clock (SCN) 4) TTX and cell communication Result: w/ TTX cell don’t peak at the same time Stop TTX the cell peak at the same time So? Action potential help the cells to communicate and synchronize 5) LH Level of Estrous Cycle (Hamster) Result: GnRH release LH when estrogen hormone is there So? 6) Brain activity of LL splitting Result: only one side of the brain active 7) FAA (food anticipatory activity) with rat FEO: food entrainable oscillator, driven by food Result: rat active/expect food before food comes out in day So? Can entrain to food 8) Moth testies ( proved that can have more than one central pacemaker) -remove testies and study it Result: testies can be entrain to L/D cycle So? Testies is a peripheral oscillator—separate from SCN
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bimm_116_study_sheet - Luciferase enzyme w bioluminescent...

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