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PHY 431 Course Info

Introductory Nuclear Physics

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PHY 431 Nuclear and Particle Physics Spring 2000 News and Announcements: (May 19, 10:00am) Final Grades are on the web, see below. Have a well deserved vacation! PHY431 presents an overview of the physics of nuclei and elementary particles at the undergraduate level. Prerequisites are PHY251 Modern Physics, and Quantum Mechanics at the introductory level. The course discusses the experimental properties of particles and nuclei, both stable and unstable, and a variety of models used to describe them. Following that, a closer look is taken at the fundamental forces of nature, and constraints on their mathematical form that are imposed by global and local symmetries they may exhibit. The experimental techniques for investigation of the interactions of elementary quanta are presented. Finally, an overview is given of the current experimental and theoretical situation, and the intimate connection that exists between particle and nuclear physics is discussed. Prerequisites:
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PHY 431 Course Info - PHY 431 Nuclear and Particle Physics...

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