The victims may become the victimizer the link

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Unformatted text preview: come the victimizer "The Link" _________________ interconnectedness of different forms of violence Strong correlation between violence towards animals and violence towards people ____________ Patterns of Abuse: Exploding the Cycle Abuse and Violence __________ _________ Common elements in the childhood of sadistic psychiatric patients - includes animal torture Abuse was directed toward animals which had positive associations with humans child is to abuse an animal and get away with it -Margaret Mead Conduct Disorder Childhood behavioral disorder in which one often violates social rules and the basic rights of others (can lead to aggressive behavior into adulthood) Associated with: low levels of empathy and concern for the feelings of others lack of guilt low self-esteem ________________ was added to diagnostic criteria _________________ toward animals _________ an animal Retaliate against an animal or another person Satisfy a __________ against a species or breed Express aggression through an animal aggressiveness _____________ for amusement Displacement of hostility from a person to an animal Nonspecific sadism (Kellert and Felthous, 1985) Children and Violence Towards Animals Violent acts toward animals could be: A sign of conduct disorder Gang behavior Act of revenge Peer pressure A way for an abused child who feels powerless to exert control and gain a sense of power Exposing children to animal cruelty may _____________ them against all forms of violence. 70% of animal abusers ha...
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