Strangers animal abuse intentional acts that causes

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Unformatted text preview: Animal Abuse Intentional acts that causes unnecessary pain or ________________________________________ suffering ________________________________________ More serious offenses Requires documentation Gathering evidence to prove intent to harm May include: Animal fighting Bestiality (sexual assault to an animal) Physical harm/death Domestic abuse situations Extreme cases of neglect Difficulty in Prosecuting Animal Cruelty Victim can not speak Proving intent requires good documentation and evidence Forensic analysis often needed (growing field) Seizures with large numbers of animals ______ require many resources ___________________________ A Consider the quality of life for these animals Animal Forensics ASPCA Mobile Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit University of Florida Veterinary Forensic Sciences Specialize in forensics Animal Rescues Largest Dog Fighting Bust in U.S. History 8 states Over 400 dogs trained/bred for fighting Large cases take many resources Help from national organizations (ASPCA, HSUS, and AHA) Groups must gather animals, treat and care for them, and potentially adopt them to new homes Why are we so concerned? The victims may be...
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