Introductory Nuclear Physics

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phy431_s99_M1 PHY431 Midterm Assignment Assignments Problem 1 The Nuclear Size The binding energies of the nuclei 11 B and 11 C are 76.205 and 73.443 MeV respectively. Assume that this difference is entirely due to Coulomb effects, and that the proton charge is uniformly distibuted over the nuclear spherical volume with radius R , taken the same for both nuclei. From this, estimate R . This was an early way of estimating nuclear sizes. Compare with the result from the formula R = 1.2 A 1/3 fm, and discuss a possible difference. Hints: no hints Solution: no solution yet Problem 2 The Measurement of Excited Nuclear States Energetic protons of known energy E i are collided with atomic nuclei of atomic weight A at rest. The scattered proton is measured to have momentum p f , and leaves under angle θ , measured with respect to the incoming direction. The hit nucleus is left in an excited state, and the goal is to measure the excitation energy from the properties of the scattered proton. Derive an expression for the excitation energy of the recoiling nucleus in terms of the known and
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