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FA05 midterm I key

FA05 midterm I key - BIPN 102 MAMMALIAN PHYSIOLOGY II Fall...

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BIPN 102, MAMMALIAN PHYSIOLOGY II NAME:__ ANSWER KEY _____ Fall 2005 1st MIDTERM EXAM I.D. #______________ October 21, 2005 Page 1 1. (12 points) Match each of the following situations with the correct pair of corresponding pressures. Pairs of pressures can be used more than once, and some pairs of pressures may not be used at all. Assume all events occur at sea level. (All pressures are in mm Hg.) a. P IP = 760 P A = 757 b. P IP = 735 P A = 742 c. P IP = 757 P A = 761 d. P IP = 797 P A = 790 e. P IP = 775 P A = 760 f. P IP = 760 P A = 760 g. P IP = 790 P A = 797 h. P IP = 742 P A = 735 i. P IP = 761 P A = 757 j. P IP = 757 P A = 760 __ C __ A. During a tidal expiration. __ J __ B. At FRC. __ F __ C. A knife wound to the chest punctures the pleural membranes. __ J __ D. After injecting curare, a drug that completely blocks nicotinic cholinergic receptors. __ B __ E. During a forced inspiration. __ G _ F. During a forced expiration. 2. (10 points). A young man with chronic bronchitis and occasional asthmatic attacks generates a pressure difference between his alveoli and the atmosphere of 3 mm Hg during normal tidal breathing. During an asthmatic attack, bronchoconstriction reduces their effective diameter to 1/3 of normal. A. What pressure difference does he need to maintain the same air flow during the asthmatic attack? (show your calculations): Flow=ΔPπr 4 /8ηl , since r=1/3 the flow will require 3 4 = 81 times higher pressure. B. Will inspiration and expiration be equally affected by the asthmatic attack? If yes, explain why; if no, indicate which will be more affected and explain why. Expiration will me more affected because it normally does not require muscle contraction and because the 81x higher pressure will compress the airways, further increasing the resistance to air flow.
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