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test 3 Journalism

test 3 Journalism - know Clio Award p 299 chapter 13...

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chapter 11 Public Relations. define public relations. know Paul Garrett, Ivy Lee, P.T. Barnum, George Creel, Elmer Davis, Arthur Page. external public relations. three areas of responsibility. p. 264 public relations agencies. two cornerstones of PR. terms p. 265. types of PR functions. terms p. 266 and 267. integrated marketing communication. media kit. proactive media relations. social media news release. ambivalent media relations. terms p. 273. Public Relations Society of America. know APR. chapter 12 Advertising p. 281 largest advertisers. terms p. 283. terms p. 284. advertising agencies p. 284. media plans. Audit Bureau of Circulations. terms p. 286. Advertising Spending by Medium p. 286. know hit, brand, terms p. 288. gaming ads p. 288. terms p. 290 and 291. redundancy techniques p. 291. terms p. 292. store brands. motivational research. buyer beware and seller beware. FTC and the various advertising groups p. 297, 298.
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Unformatted text preview: know Clio Award p. 299 chapter 13 Entertainment. record sales by genre p. 307. genres p. 308. television episodes p. 311. Sam Phillips p. 312. terms p. 314. leading games p. 315. game publishers p. 317. Miller Standard and Pacifica case chapter 14 Media Research. know major surveying companies . 326. terms p. 327. terms p. 328. confidence level p. 329. p. 330 quota sampling. AP evaluating surveys-questions p. 330. term p. 331. terms pp. 332-333. ratings and shares. terms p. 338. terms p. 340. know examples of geodemographics. know examples of psychographics including categories under the VALS program. terms p. 344. chapter 15 Mass Communication . terms and types of communication p. 348. define mass communication p. 349. terms pp. 350-351. know the models pp. 352-354. terms p. 354-355. know the two great influences on the mass communication process. terms pp. 356-357. terms pp. 358-359. know feedback and effect....
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test 3 Journalism - know Clio Award p 299 chapter 13...

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