The Evolution of Man

The Evolution of Man - The Evolution of Man Throughout...

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December 14, 2007 The Evolution of Man Throughout history, humanity has progressed and evolved in its ability to think . We differ from our ancestors in many ways, but one very distinguishable characteristic is the physical size of our brains . The average brain today weighs roughly three pounds . This is almost two pounds more than the brains of our ancestors that lived two million years ago! The evolution of man started with harnessing the power of the horse for our personal use . Man continued to evolve by using natural ores to manufacture other metals that were more usable . These achievements have indeed helped the human race in countless ways, but when it comes to man’s ability to help each other, we continue to fail to this day . For example, consider Hitler’s actions when he persecuted the Jews, and when plantation owners in our own country enslaved the Africans . We must continue to learn from our mistakes so that we are able to make better decisions for our society in the future (Bronowski 416; Dannen; Wistrich) . The paradox of knowledge is similar to the life of an average person . Babies must first learn to crawl before they can walk, and this is the case with man and his ever- evolving process of thought . As Bronowski states in “Childhood” (416), “The recent evolution of man certainly begins with the advancing development of the hand, and the selection for a brain which is particularly adept at manipulating the hand .” This was
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humanity’s first step toward learning to walk . They began to think more creatively and started making better use of nature’s gifts (Bronowski 94) . People started to make more use of the animals around them . The horse; for example, was tamed and used to further develop agriculture . This allowed people to leave their nomad way of life and settle down in villages
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The Evolution of Man - The Evolution of Man Throughout...

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