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The progression of Agriculture

The progression of Agriculture - Paper#3 The Progression of...

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Paper #3 The Progression of Architecture Since the beginning of humanity, people have been shaping and molding the world around them. The human hand takes on a few distinct actions that enable people to build massive, elaborate buildings. These two actions are the molding of an object by hand and the splitting of wood or stone with the aid of a tool. The first action enabled them to create cups, plates, bowls, and various other objects. The latter is a far more complex action that resulted in, as Bronowski states, man taking a “great intellectual step forward.” This was the basis of some of the greatest civilizations of our past, which included the Incas, Romans, and Greeks. These societies have become famous for the architectural achievements present in their cities. What began with the splitting and shaping of stone and wood, has resulted in numerous architectural masterpieces still present around the world today (Bronowski). Since early time, man has been manufacturing tools by the splitting and working of stone. Toolmakers became skilled at striking the stone to create the correct lines of cleavage. It is believed that the breaking of stone may have come from the concept for splitting wood. Wood is a substance with a highly visible structure and striking it with the grain will result in the wood splitting easily. However, attempting to cut against the grain can prove to be a difficult undertaking.
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