The Rise of Mathematics

The Rise of Mathematics - Paper IV The Rise of Mathematics...

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Paper IV The Rise of Mathematics Looking back in time, there are numerous interesting tools that allowed man to progress. Many tools were very complex while others were simple. Mathematics is the most sophisticated tool we have to describe the world around us. As Bronowski stated in his essay “The Music of the Spheres,” “Mathematics is in many ways the most elaborated and sophisticated of the sciences” (155). The uses of mathematics are infinite. Number systems used by ancient civilizations were the beginning of the mathematics we think of today. This consists largely of the differential and integral calculus developed by Newton and Leibniz. Mathematics helps us to describe everything from music to the motion of the planets around the Sun. One great mind after another has come along and left his or her indelible mark on the field. Utilizing the knowledge of mathematics, people were able to make further advances in related fields and continue the ascent of man (Bronowski 155). Modern mathematics originated on the small island of Samos and it was here that Pythagoras first applied mathematics to nature. Pythagoras stated that “Numbers are the language of nature” and he was determined to prove it (156). He developed the theory that summing the squares of the two legs of a right triangle would yield the square of the hypotenuse. With this fact established, man now had the tools necessary to develop many of the shapes that gave cities their distinguishing characteristics. Some examples of how they utilized this include the Egyptian pyramids and the Hanging Gardens, which
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The Rise of Mathematics - Paper IV The Rise of Mathematics...

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