Existence of Free Will

Existence of Free Will - Rob Allen Philosophy 101 The...

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Rob Allen Philosophy 101 The Existence of Free Will It is possible for human beings to have free will while making decisions on the basis that every action has a cause. Since every action has a cause and prior effects turn into new causes, our actions aren’t completely free. But that does not mean that just because all actions are caused that they are a product of a long causal chain dating back before we were born. The decisions that we make, although determined by our past decisions, are made out of free will because no one other than ourselves can make them. The causal relationship of your actions does affect your decisions, but it does not make your decisions The dictum of determinism holds that “every event that obtains is caused to obtain”. Basically, every human action has a cause behind it, and the effect coming from that event will form a new cause, which will in term produce another effect, and so on. Some people believe that determinism is incompatible with freedom because if our choices are already determined by previously held circumstances, then we cannot make free decisions. This looks to be true on the surface, but once examined much further, a few holes can be found in the logic behind it. When each of us makes a decision to do something, we normally do not stop to think what caused the action being performed. We just make a decision and move on with another decision, and the cause of the action isn’t often considered. Unless it needs to be found by some reason, the cause isn’t really all that important in everyday life. Besides, is it really even possible to find out the exact cause for some of our actions? Since we are not all-knowing, we cannot. It is also plausible that we could mistake the true cause of an action with a similar, but false cause. If this was
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possible, then couldn’t we continue on with making choices under the false pretense of the cause of one of our actions, which would throw the infinite causal chain off in our eyes? Since WE are the ones making our own decisions, who else is judging and labeling our actions as causes and effects? It’s possible that the answer could be God. But then, if God is all- knowing, and knows every step we will make in the future, that does not necessarily mean that we are not capable of free will and being responsible for our actions. It is possible that God knows what we are about
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Existence of Free Will - Rob Allen Philosophy 101 The...

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