Community though the larger society as suggested

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Unformatted text preview: and reaffirms our hopes and beliefs, literature seeks to challenge us and to put our conventional view of the world into question. Community Though the larger society, as suggested above, often constricts, limits, and even destroys the individual, community often serves as the individual’s salvation. What distinguished community from society, above all, is its size. Society is large, abstract, impersonal, a nameless force defeating our hopes and suffocating our identities. Community, on the other hand, is smaller, more specific, and more personal. It can even provide solace, love, compassion, and support. Our desire to be a part of a community is met by sharing with others our tastes in music, clothing, hobbies, religion, careers, and yes, Greek sorority and fraternity symbols. In American literature, this theme is particularly seen in contemporary multi­cultural literature and in women’s literature. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and the slave narratives all suggest that it is in the security of a real community, rather than in our own personal glories, where we will find a home. And because the heroes of these novels do find such a home, their journeys are very often successful ones....
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