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What is Real? Erasure , by Percival Everett, takes a look at how racism and identity affects various aspects of our lives that we may be unaware of. Monk is having a battle with what he is used to, not letting his race identify him and his writing. Yet, ever since Jenkins came out with her novel, We’s Live in Da Ghetto , his world has been turned inside out. The name of the novel gives some insight about what is going to happen in the story. Erasure is an act of being erased, in the context of the novel; it is the act of erasing one’s identity. All these subtle signs of erasure are found all over the book and help get the point of erasing one’s identity across to the reader. The symbol for erasure is the “X,” which is used throughout the book. On all the odd numbered pages, the title of the book has an “X” through most of the letters; there is a sign of erasure. In the text, the sections are broken by being marked with three “X’s” rather than specific details of where the next section is coming from. The cover of the book depicts a young smiling boy with a gun pointed to his head in a form of mock suicide; this connotes the boy’s self-erasure (Bell 475). Monk is losing his own personality when he begins to form the other persona of Stagg R Leigh. Who is the “real” black man, the persona of Stagg R Leigh or the writer Monk? Leigh is the “real” black man, or at least what the media perceives to be a “real” black man. “…have to wear the mask of the person I was expected to be” (Everett 212). Monk feels like he is losing himself to write the novel,
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ErasurePaper[1] - What is Real? Erasure, by Percival...

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