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CRJU369 1Harrison Act-1914 Marijuana Stamp Tax Act 1937 Alcohol Prohibition 1920 Pure Food and Drug Act 1906 Alcohol-depressant Cocaine-stimulant Heroin-opiate Cola Drink-caffeine Ecstasy-Hallucinogen Timothy Leary-Predicted everyone would be soon using LSD Harry Anslinger-Said marijuana causes suicide and homicide Sigmund Freud-originally thought cocaine was a magic substance, and cure for morphinism Alfred Lindesmith-sociologist who thought people use opiates to avoid withdrawal Andrew Weil-said humans have a natural desire to alter consciousness Chinese-Opiates Mexicans-Marijuana African Americans-Cocaine -The word addiction was first introduced about 1910 -According to readings and lecture all of the following are central features of drug dependence except -physical withdrawal -preoccupation with use, use more often or for longer periods than intended, tolerance -Schedule 1 of the Comp. Drug Abuse and Control Act of 1970 includes all of the following
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drugs except cocaine -heroin, marijuana -opiates were used in the late 1800s to treat all of the following drugs except -measles -alcoholism, cough, menstrual problems -The Bureau of Narcotics was established in the 1930s and -all of the above -portrayed drug sellers as preying on youth, filtered all info about drugs in 1940 and 50, labeled marijuana as a narcotics -In the late 18010 those dependent on opiates -were primarily men -Which of the following statements is not something Alfred Lindesmith said, in his theorizing on opiates addicts in the 1930s -opiates users automatically become moral degenerates, liars, thieves under the direct influence of the drug -drug dealers don not try to seduce other to use, opiates use is purposive behavior, many
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alcohol,drugstudyguide1 - CRJU369 Harrison Act-1914...

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