The Musical Doctor

The Musical Doctor - Capital Narrative The Musical of the....

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Capital Narrative The Musical of the… Doctor? “Why don’t you become a doctor?” is the question that was on my family’s lips when I was a junior in high school. Unfortunately their idea of a good career is one that makes a lot of money. But before you get ahead of yourselves and think my family is money hungry, let me tell you a little bit about where they came from. They came from Cuba, where during the beginning of the Fidel Castro regime, my family lost everything. They were lucky if they got to eat or to take showers. So they were allowed to immigrate to America to get away from their once beloved country. They began from the bottom and strived for a better life. In my parents’ generation, they all went to college for something big, such as, business, a paralegal and medical doctor. So that is why they wanted me to get into science, because they wanted the best for me, because it was so hard for them to get where they are. I love chemistry, and everything that goes along with it, but it is not my passion. So to my parents’ dismay, I told them I wanted to go into music. They knew I liked it because of the interest I took in it in high school. However, they just thought it was hobby I was doing. Once I told them and the rest of my family what I wanted to do, they all gave me the same look, dumbstruck. “But you are so good in science, what can you do
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The Musical Doctor - Capital Narrative The Musical of the....

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